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 About Poijes & Partner

About Poijes & Partner Real Estate Agency
Poijes & Partner AB was founded in 1989. Some of us have more than 27 years experience of selling all kinds of living quarters from castles to villas and houses.

We are mainly selling in Stockholm and its lovely surroundings. We have a good reputation and are familiar with all of the things that can take place  in a sale. We are advertizeing on the Internet and upon request in specific papers.

Call us now for a free discussion and advice how to do one of your (mostly) biggest affairs to a winning one with a very good result.

Managing Director

Christer Poijes
Auktoriserad fastighetsmäklare (SFMS)
and Bachelor of  Behavioral Science.

Kontor: 08-660 64 66
Mobil: 070-634 70 50
Mats Irenaeus
Reg fastighetsmäklare Ledamot av Mäklarsamfundet

Kontor: 08-660 64 66 
Mobiltelefon: 0733-66 77 16 

Margareta Colton       Fastighetsmäklareassistent

Office: 08-660 64 66


Rigmor Johnsdotter

Kontor: 08-660 64 66 


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 Svenska Fastighetsmäklar-
sällskapet SFMS

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